Custom Orders for Brands & Influencers

Are you looking for custom instagram branding? We're offering custom highlight cover icon collections and story template design for businesses and creators.  We know that it's important to have a cohesive digital brand with the consistent imagery and messaging across all social platforms. Today Instagram is one of the leading social platforms and your branding on that platform is just as important now as any other social platform or website. 
Who would benefit from a custom icon collection?

Apparel Companies, Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers, Pet Influencers, Pet Stores, Fitness Studios, Hair Companies, Makeup Artists, Wedding Planners, Bridal Businesses, Event Planners, Travel Agencies, Travel Bloggers, Influencers

Styles we offer:
  1. Natural pen hand drawn outline (digital and not collored in)
  2. Natural pen hand drawn outline and digitally colored in.
  3. Natural hand drawn pencil and watercolored (drawn by hand and scanned)
  4. Natural hand drawn pencil and watercolored digitally
  5. Traditional "icon" design, flat, cartoon style (outline)
  6. Traditional "icon" design, flat, cartoon style (colored in)

Color scheme: 
Provide the color scheme you would like; 
example - black outline icons on white background, or black outline, watercolored in, with pastel tones (only using pinks and blues). 
Backgrounds can be a pantone color, gradient, pattern, texture,
or even a photo. Please provide your ideas and we'll help find a solution

Format options:
  1. JPEGS (for instagram use),
  2. PNGs (for website use on transparent backgrounds).
  3. Vector (costs extra) 

What we need from you:
  1. How many icons do you want?
  2. What color scheme would you like? What color for icons and background?
  3. What style: check styles we offer above, or choose a style from one of our store collections.
  4. What icons do you want and what do they stand for (ie. Coffee cup to stand for cute cafe story posts; a black cat icon for my cat Sam)
  5. Provide any samples to art or templates you like for reference so we can better understand what you want. 


Terms of use:
These icons are for personal or commercial use, but can NOT be re-sold. 

OOAK Original works:
Your custom icon collection will be a one of a kind creation. While some icons we choose may be inspired by references, everything is created as an original work.
If you have hand drawn your own icons, or purchased a license to use royalty free icons from another platform and would like us to use them - we can also work with that as long as you have the rights to the art. 
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