Lightroom Presets: 10 Fall Foliage Preset Filters

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Give any photo a fall mood with these easy to use, one click and done fall foliage presets. These are our fall foliage autumn leaves filter Lightroom presets with 10 transformative presets!

We digitally hand crafted these presets to our fall photography, so I would imagine they would work amazing for really bright green photography since we often take greens and transform them into yellows and oranges. 

Play around, and don't be afraid to export and re-apply the color changes filters to deepen tones. For example, you can easily apply a filter that turns your greens into yellow - SAVE and Export - and then IMPORT again, and apply another preset to make those yellows into reds! 

NOTE: Below is a guide to help you use the presets based on our suggestion for photography types : ) 

Requirements: Must have Adobe lightroom computer software to use (these are not for the mobile version yet) - but mobile coming soon!

GUIDE: Each file has a name for the tone it enhances, some filters may need to be played with in lightroom to fit your photo perfectly, but for the most part - they should work perfectly. 

Lighting Tip: if you notice your photo is too bright with our filter or too dark, adjust the exposure setting

Saturation: If you notice your photo is too saturated, turn down the vibrancy or saturation

Clarity: if your photo is too sharp or you'd like it to be softer - adjust the clarity below the lighting settings.


Our files are READY TO DOWNLOAD right after purchasing! 

Most of our files are in ZIP format. if you can't extract the zip please let us know right away : ) 

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Rules: These presets cannot be resold