Retro Dust Instagram Beauty Filter - Spark AR Augmented Reality

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Looking to make your own instagram filter? We've created filters that have amassed over 10 billion views and millions of shares and now we We've curated some of our favorite filters into easy to use filter templates that are ready to upload.  

Test filter here:

After purchasing this filter, you will recieve an arexport file. This file can be uploaded to Instagram or Facebook via the Spark AR Hub. You must have a facebook account to upload a filter to either Instagram or Facebook (it can be a non-active facebook account). Follow the tutorial below after purchasing for support.

How to upload a filter to Instagram:

Test filter here:

License: This product is not to be resold or redistributed in any way - international copyright of textures (pngs and jpegs in this digital download) owned by Creator Branding. No derivative works may be made for resale using this textures in this template. This product is only for personal use and limited commercial use -  use is limited to being able to be published on business Instagram accounts.  please contact us if you wish to use for client projects so we can advise if the way of use is allowed under this license. 

Pricing is subject to change and can change at any time. 

Refunds: No refunds may be provided for digital goods